Welcome to cyberstore.mu. This website is the property of Cyberstore Ltd, Limited Liability Company registered with the Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD) of the Republic of Mauritius with BRN Number C20173217 as an e-commerce website. Our website address is https://cyberstore.mu. Throughout the website, we shall refer to our business (Cyberstore Ltd) as “We”, “Us”, “Cyberstore” or “cyberstore.mu”. “You” as the customer shall be referred to as “You”, “User”, “Client”, “Owner”, “Buyer”, & “Visitor” “Customer”.

1. Terms of use

This web-page entitled “Terms and conditions” regulates the use of the website cyberstore.mu. Please read carefully these terms and conditions before using the website, since browsing and shopping state that you understand and comply with our terms.

The use of the cyberstore.mu, as well as the access and use of the products and services, will suppose the full acceptance by the user. If you don’t accept our terms and conditions, please do not use the website. Any violation of these terms and conditions will lead to the immediate revocation of the user’s account without notice.

Cyberstore reserves the right to modify these “Terms and conditions” at any time, as well as any other general or particular conditions, use regulations, instructions or notices that may apply. Likewise, Cyberstore reserves the right to totally or partially suspend, interrupt or stop operating the Website at any time due to maintenance or excessive traffic and/or due to acts of God or force majeure.

1.1 Conditions of access and use

To be able to use the website cyberstore.mu, you must be 18 years of age or, where appropriate, be accessing it under the supervision and consent of your parents, whoever holds the legal exercise of parental authority, custody, or legal guardian if applicable. Each user can only be the owner of 1 (one) account on Cyberstore.mu. The creation of 2 (two) or more accounts by the same person is not allowed. Companies have no limitation on the number of accounts they can create for their departments and/or employees. However, to create multiple accounts as a company, you will have to use different email addresses and usernames. 

Our website can be accessed and used from a desktop computer, laptop, or any mobile device with internet browsing capacity. For the best browsing and shopping experience, we recommend you use the latest version of your web browser available. This is because our website is constantly being improved to support the latest versions of web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Android Webview, and more. If you are having problems using our website, please update your browser to the latest version.

1.2 Use of the website and its content

Users acknowledge and accept that access and use of the Website, the Contents included therein, and/or the Services are freely done under their sole responsibility. Users undertake to make an appropriate and lawful use of the Website and its Contents, in accordance with the applicable legislation, these General Conditions, generally accepted morals and good customs and public order.

You can use our website and its content to your liking if you accept our terms of use. However, any offense or attempt at piracy like the act of accessing restricted information will be reported to the Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Mauritius (ICTA).

2. Governing laws

The terms and conditions of this website and its other policies are interpreted in accordance of the governing laws of the Republic of Mauritius.

3. Industrial and intellectual rights

Users acknowledge and accept that all the industrial and intellectual property rights over the Services, the Contents and/or any other elements inserted in the Website (including without limitation, brands, logos, commercial names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flow charts, presentation, “look-and-feel”, audio and video), belong to Cyberstore and/or third parties whose data and ownership in the field of intellectual and industrial property appear inserted in the Website, and have agreed to use them for the purposes of the Website by Cyberstore Ltd.

In no case does access to the Website imply any type of waiver, transmission, or total or partial transfer of said rights. These General Conditions do not confer on Users any other right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the Website and/or its Contents other than those expressly provided herein. Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subject to prior and express written authorization, specifically granted for this purpose by Cyberstore Ltd or the third party owner of the affected rights.

Cyberstore authorizes the Users to use, view, print, download and store the Contents and/or the elements inserted in the Website solely and exclusively for their personal, private and non-profit use; provided that in any case the origin and/or author of the same are indicated and that, where appropriate, the copyright symbol of their owners appears. The use of such elements, their reproduction, communication and / or distribution for commercial or lucrative purposes, as well as their modification, alteration, or decompilation, is strictly prohibited. For any other use other than those expressly permitted, it will be necessary to obtain the prior written consent of the owner of the rights in question.

4. Limit of liability

4.1 Limit of liability for the operation of the Website

Cyberstore does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Website, the Services and/or those other websites with which a link has been established, nor their suitability for the needs of the Users.

We shall not be in any case responsible for any damages that may arise from:

  • the lack of availability or accessibility of the Website, the Services and/or those other sites with which a Link has been established; 
  • the interruption in the operation of the Website and/or the Services or computer failures produced in the course of its operation; 
  • the lack of suitability of the Website, the Contents and/or the Services to respond to the needs of the Users.

Cyberstore adopts various protection measures to protect the Website against computer attacks by third parties. However, Cyberstore does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not have access to the type of use of the Website that Users make or the conditions, characteristics, and circumstances in which such use is made. Consequently, Cyberstore will not be in any way responsible for the damages that may derive from said unauthorized access.

4.2 Limit of liability for the use of the Website

Cyberstore will not be responsible in any case for the use that Users and/or third parties may make of the Website, the Contents and/or the Services, nor for any damages that may derive from it.

4.3 Limit of liability for User Generated Content

With the inclusion on the Website of Contents such as product reviews created by Users or third parties, Cyberstore does not become the publisher thereof; and consequently, does not guarantee nor is it responsible for the legality, reliability, utility, veracity, accuracy, exhaustiveness and timeliness of said Contents. Cyberstore deserves the right to edit or remove and form of User Generated Content that do not comply with our terms and conditions.

5. Online purchases and order processing

5.1 Purchasing online

All orders on Cyberstore.mu have to be made through the website only. We will not accept any orders from phone calls, WhatsApp messages and or any form of contact means.

We have made it easy for you to select and add products to your shopping cart. Once you have the products you want if your shopping cart, you may proceed to payment.

We do not accept guest checkout on Cyberstore. You will need to login or register to proceed with your order.

5.2 Online payment

We offer several secured payment options to pay for your order. You can pay by:

  • MCB Juice
  • MyT Money
  • Bank Transfer

Once you place your order, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay for the payment method you selected. Your order will be “On hold” until we receive your payment confirmation. For our 24 or 48 hours delivery service, we might ask you to send us a screenshot and/or a reference of the payment transaction for quicker processing.

5.3 Order status

You may at anytime login to your account to view the status of your order. Here are the different order status details:

On hold — Awaiting payment – stock is reduced, but you need to confirm payment.

Processing — Payment received (paid) and stock has been reduced; order is awaiting fulfillment.

Completed — Order fulfilled and complete after delivery.

Canceled — Canceled by Cyberstore or the customer.

Refunded — Refunded by Cyberstore.

6. Stock and availability

Products availability in stock will be displayed on the applicable product page. Here are the different product availability status:

In stock – Product is available in stock and can be ordered right away.

Out of stock – Product is out of stock and cannot be ordered.

On back-order – Product is out of stock but can be back-ordered.

We don’t guarantee stock availability on products that do not apply to our own stock. If a product does not display any stock information before you can add to the shopping cart, please contact us to confirm availability.

7. Product warranty

The guarantee of the products will be provided directly by the manufacturers or distributors of the same, the duration of said guarantees is clearly referred to in the description of each product and is issued and validated by the manufacturer or distributor of each product, so Cyberstore assumes no responsibility for said guarantees and the owner undertakes to contact the supplier or manufacturer of the Product in question directly to make said guarantee effective. The manufacturer or distributor guarantee certificate and contact details will be provided to you at the time of delivery.

Along with the purchased product, the customer may also receive a user manual, where the instructions for the correct use and installation of the purchased product appear, as well as all the warranty information that the manufacturer has conferred. Cyberstore Ltd, does not provide, fulfill, and/or extends any warranty on products purchased on Cyberstore.mu.

Cyberstore Ltd will not be responsible for the guarantees granted by the manufacturers or distributors of the products but may carry out all the actions intended to provide the buyer who requests it with the contact details of said service.

As of July 2020.